Sheridan Glacier Road

Sheridan Glacier Road

This road represents many things to Cordovans. To many, its a road leading to adventure and freedom. To me, this place brings me back to high school memories of running free and being immersed into the wild.



Fluid 100 Watercolor Paper Cold Press Finish, 100% Cotton, 9x12 inches, 300lb./640gsm


Silver Black Velvet Voyage Round 6

Silver Black Velvet Flat 1/2"


Daniel Smith Extra Fine Watercolors: Phthalo Blue, Manganese Blue Hue, Serpentine Green, Perylene Green, Green Apatite Genuine, Undersea Green, Hansa Yellow Light, Yellow Ochre, Rich Green Gold


Winsor & Newton Designer Gouache: Zinc White, Permanent Green Deep, Brilliant Yellow, Primary Yellow, Burnt Sienna


Artist: Shulammite Reece

Photo reference taken by artist


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