Home is Within Yourself

Home is Within Yourself

You are your home. Home is not a location, it is within yourself to know that you belong. 

One of my greatest challenges in life was overcoming the feeling of not belonging anywhere. At an early age, I believed that when I turned 18, I would be happy. I would leave my small town and go to college to find peace and contentment. Yes, I did experience great joy during college. However, the ache and emptiness in my heart never went away. My new environment only gave me the opportunity to soothe my soul. 

I moved many times during college. I even moved down South at one point. I moved around so much that some of my acquaintances nicknamed me as a grass hopper. I was everywhere and nowhere.  

I am now 27 years old and I'm only now starting to understand that my home is to myself. It is easy to say and write, but to truly believe it and nurture that belief has proven to be quite challenging. 

If you can relate to what I am saying, I hope you find peace within yourself as well. 


Fluid 100 Watercolor Paper:
Cold Press Finish, 100% Cotton, 9x12 inches, 300lb./640gsm

Daniel Smith Extra Fine Watercolors:
Payne’s Gray, French Ultramarine, Burnt Sienna

Winsor & Newton Gouache:
Zinc White

Coliro Pearlcolors:
Stardust M021

Silver Black Velvet Brushes:
Round 8” and 1/2”
Flat 1/2”

Mars Plastic Combi

Turquoise 2262 HB

Linda Schauble:
Blueberry Watercolor Cup & Palette 


Shulammite Reece

Artwork was inspired by Karen Rice

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