Grizzly Bear in Wonder

Grizzly Bear in Wonder

This has become one of my favorite paintings I have done so far. I love the misty background and the subtle different shades of blues and greens. I often struggle with painting animals, however, this painting was the first that came naturally and effortlessly. I am looking forward to painting other animals in the near future!



Fluid 100 Cold Press Finish, 6x8 inches, 300lb



Silver Black Velvet Flat 1/2"

Silver Black Velvet Round 6

Silver Black Velvet 2


Gouache & Watercolors

Winsor & Newton Designers Gouache Zinc White

Daniel Smith Extra Fine Watercolors: Payne's Gray, Raw Umber, Manganese Blue Hue, Undersea Green 



Artist: Shulammite Reece

No photo reference used, only imagination. I'm too scared to go out looking for a grizzly bear to paint. I'm not that cool. 

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