Go alone and you’ll go fast. Go together and you’ll go far.

This was my first commission painting since launching IT'S CORDOVA back in December 14, 2021. It took me three weeks to paint. It is my best work yet. This piece has about seven to ten layers of watercolor paint.

A lot of changes were going on through my life whilst I was painting this piece. I had quit my job that I have grown to adore for a new job that would hopefully provide for my family in better ways. I made friendships in my old job that helped rise me out of depression. I will forever be grateful for those people. They will never know how their kindness helped unchain me from the thick black cave I have built. I remember they would come into my office and update me about their lives or simply ask me how it was going. They would always leave and thank me for listening. Little did they know, listening to them helped weave my fragmented soul back together. Out of all those interactions, one theme persisted.

It is rare to find someone who listens, who truly listens to you.

Treasure that person you can go to for anything, because that is rare. Not everyone is gifted in this way. 

Arches Watercolour Cold Pressed 9 in x 12 in, 640 gsm / 300 lb

Daniel Smith Extra Fine Watercolors: Titanium White, Payne’s Gray, Raw Sienna, Raw Umber, Hansa Yellow Light, Pyrrol Scarlet, Rhodonite Genuine, Manganese Blue hue, Green Apatite Green, Undersea Green, Green Gold

Silver Black Velvet Flat 1”
Silver Black Velvet Flat ½”
Silver Black Velvet Round 2
Silver Black Velvet Round 4
Silver Black Velvet Round 6

Artist: Shulammite Reece
Photo reference taken by customer

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