Eyak Mist

Eyak Mist

Last year, during this time, I was preparing for my first ever pop-up shop for the 2022 Cordova Iceworm Festival. I was so nervous and scared that my husband pointed out that I was fiddling with his hands like it was playdough. A lot has changed since then!

To me, this painting represents the importance of living today and not in the future or the past. Tomorrow afternoon will be the second time I will be participating in the Cordova Iceworm Festival! Here's to another year of painting! 

Whatever you are doing, I wish you the best.


Fluid 100 Cold Press Finish, 100% Cotton, 6x8, 300lb (640gsm)


Silver Black Velvet Voyage Round #6

Silver Black Velvet Flat 1/2"


Daniel Smith Extra Fine Watercolors: Raw Umber, Indigo, Manganese Blue Hue, Perylene Green


Artist: Shulammite Reece

Photo reference taken by artist

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